30 novembro 2005


Antes e Depois no Iraque (IV)

Agora existem armas de destruição maciça no Iraque.

Os socialistas do mais alto calibre....são assim :
For you to understand what is happening here in Venezuela, just
> > yesterday our automatic voting system, which uses fingerprint
> > automatic facilities, is prepared to know who voted, for whom he
> > voted and so on.
> >
> > So opposition leaders are quiting to go to elections, because what is
> > elections for without any secret at all.
> >
> > Best, Jose

" A.M.
Mora y Leon at Publius Pundit reports the breaking news that all political
parties except for Hugo Chavez' MRV party have withdrawn from the upcoming
December 4th elections because "the electoral setup is utterly tainted. It
lacks transparency, it lacks secrecy and it lacks integrity." There's more
from the AP:

"Under these circumstances, we cannot participate in the electoral
process," Democratic Action Secretary-General Henry Ramos told reporters.
"We propose the suspension of the process next Sunday. We will not go on
like this."

Que belo exemplo de socialismo moderno ......

Afonso Henriques

Renato Motta-Brasil

Peço permissão para reproduzir a frase (abrasileirando é bem verdade) e a imagem no meu blog.

Aguardo tua visita!!!
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