19 janeiro 2008


Dear New York Times

As you read these words I will have cancelled my subscription. This is my goodbye, my “Dear John…” letter.

You’re right; we had good times together, and the price was right. I recall with fondness seeing you on the doorstep on those cold mornings. I remember turning your pages over coffee and finding Lisbon to be your number two destination for 2008. And although my mind is filled with sweet and wandering pleasures: the book review, the economic commentary, the magazine; your betrayal casts a dark cloud over it all…

You hired Bill Kristol as op-ed columnist? Why? What can he possibly offer in insight or prose? Adding insult to injury, you ask Kristol to write on Mondays alongside Paul Krugman, as the week starts and one calls for a flashlight of reason to guide us through.

If I can’t trust your opinion columns then why read you? The Wall Street Journal has better feature articles! BBC News has better coverage! The magazines are better written!!!!

Putting aside this bitter taste of betrayal, I am still left with a clear, material reason: I don’t want to pay Kristol’s wages.

Yours unfaithfully,

Então não te chegam as dez referências Portugal (http://obitoque.blogspot.com/2008/01/os-mopes.html). Mais do que unfaithful/infiel, és anti-patriota...
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